Rutgers Recruiting Custom Edits

This project is a compilation of work by Darren Tolud & Daniel Giunta for Rutgers Football Recruiting. Due to NCAA rules the identities of the players may not be shown so they are blurred out. Each edit is specifically geared to recruits position, size, ethnicity, etc. Almost every picture is a GIF, and there is a video in the beginning, please allow time to load, if you are on a phone click the photos to watch the gifs. We are both students and strive to be as outside the box as possible, I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making these. Be sure to check both our pages out and leave a like. Darren Tolud: Daniel Giunta

Rutgers Recruiting Edits By Darren Tolud & Daniel Giunta
A compilation of work done between the two of us over the past month. Keep in mind we are both still students at Rutgers.
Our goal is always to create original and innovative personalized recruiting graphics. Due to NCAA rules, the personal identities of the recruits are kept hidden. We gear each edit specific to each high schoolers position, size, ethnicity etc. Enjoy and allow time for the videos and GIF's to load.
NCAA Cover: Darren Tolud
The Scarlet Knight Rises: Daniel Giunta
Rutgers Football White Knights: Darren Tolud
ESPN Cover: Daniel Giunta
Uncontainable: Darren Tolud
Scarlet Gang: Daniel Giunta 
Unleash Your Inner Knight v1: Darren Tolud
The Hunt : Daniel Giunta 
Unleash Your Inner Knight v2: Darren Tolud
Next Up : Daniel Giunta
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